Is it possible to beat a computer at chess?

Yes, but it will depend on how you play. You need to keep in mind that computers are well advanced than the humans and thus it will be hard to beat them unless you understand how it is done.

For you to be able to beat a computer at chess, you need to understand how a computer plays and also their strengths and weaknesses.

How computers play

First and foremost, the chess computers tend to evaluate the game to determine the most accurate outcome of the game. For you to be able to navigate the system, you need to take account of the different outcomes of the game. Write down all the possible games of chess and then using the information assume that each player will use the best line. When you do this you will end up with a list of all the best outcomes of the game.

When it comes to the scores, the computer will subtract its score from your own score. So, if you see a positive score, it means that the computer is ahead while a negative score means that you are ahead.

Strengths and weaknesses

When it comes to playing, the computers are tactical. They also have a detailed and extensive opening book that allows them to play according to the best theory in place.

The best way for you to win against a computer is to play them against their weaknesses. You see, computers can’t understand position. You can use this to your advantage. Computers cannot also understand the special positions. A lot of these strategies were taught to my by my good friend Dan, a very avid chess player and a very interesting fellow indeed. He’s now actually a Chiropractor in Flower Mound, Tx, and you guys can check out his site to find out what he’s about and if you ever are the area and need a quick adjustment. I can’t tell you how many time’s he’s challenged me to a game of chess in the waiting room LOL! Anyway….!

Strategies to beat the computer

  • Break the rules; when it comes to playing, the computers strictly follow the rules. So, if you can alter the rule and give a position that is not valid, the computer will follow it blindly and thus you will have the upper hand.
  • Look for the non-standard end game; most of the chess computers rely in the pre-defined endgame evaluation. So, if you play with the non-standard endgame, you will manipulate the computer.
  • If you’re more of a video/ visual learned, check out the Youtube Video

Points to note

  • A computer will outplay you because they tend to make useless moves in closed position when it involves positional play.
  • The computers have a horizon and because of this they can’t see any further. So, if you can manage to make the computer blunder then you may win. You can also destroy the position of the computer strategically.

5 National Chess Tournaments you must go to

Chess is a very interesting and exciting game whether you are playing with your friends or family. However, it gets more exciting when you play a tournament at the national level. The interesting thing is that there are different types of tournaments that you can attended this year. Below is a list of the different tournaments that you can attend;

 The 2016 U.S Amateur North championship
This event will be held between September 17 and 18 2016 at the Crown Plaza Minneapolis West. It has been projected that there will be at least $1,200 in prizes. There will be two sections; the championship and the reserve. You can RSVP for the event here:

 2016 U.S Game/ 30 and 60 championship
These events will be held on different dates but at the same venue. The Game/30 will be held on the 24th while game/60 on the 25th at the San Mateo County Event Center.
For the game/30, each player will be given 30 minutes with 5 seconds delay and they will play for 5 rounds. The game/60 championship the player will get 60 minutes with 6 seconds of delay and they will play for 4 rounds.

 The 2016 U.S Armed Forces open championship
This is an event that has been organized for the active duty, retired military and the reservists. It is also open for the ROTC and the US academy students and the Merchant marines among others. The championship will be held on the October 8 through 10th at the U.S Naval academy.

 The 2016 U.S class championship
The championship will be held between November 11 and 13th at the SFO Hyatt Regency Burlingame. The championship is best suited for adults and the advanced youth. There will be 7 sections of the championships and 5 rounds. The registration for the tournament will be done on-site.

 2016 K-12 grade championship
If you are still in school, this is the best tournament for you. The tournament will be held from December 16 through 18 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and convention center. The tournament will be different as it will require teams of two players. All the members of a team should be from the same school.
Each player will be given 90 minutes to play with 5 seconds delay for each move. You will have to play according to your grade as each category has different prizes.

If you’re going to any of these events, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know cause we will be at all of them!

Most unique chess boards I’ve ever seen

Throughout my years as a chess expert, I’ve come across a bunch of things. I’ve spend years trying to teach others how to beat a computer at chess. Another thing I’ve been privileged to see is that there are many different chess boards that I have come across. However, below is a list of all the different boards that have I have found to be unique and classy.

chess board

  • The combination of pirates and ninjas

If you have ever watched any pirate movie then you know that pirates are better and conniving than the ninjas. There is a chess board that you can buy with the chess pieces are designed like the pirates and ninjas.

  • Auto part chess board

If you are a fun of the auto mobiles, then this is the best option for you. The chess boards comes with chess pieces in the form of a car parts. You need to be careful when it comes to the pieces so that you can be able easy for you to identify the queens and the king.

  • Platonic chess boards

These chess boards have been inspired by the science and the chemical elements. There are different shapes that you can choose from but most of them have the queen with a spherical shape.

  • 3D chess boards

Get to enjoy the games in a three dimensional level. It is like the normal chess only that the board has a raised terrain.

  • Game of throne chess boards

Game of thrones is one of the best television series that have graced our televisions. You can relive each and every moment with these game of thrones boards. Each piece is unique and have been designed with different shapes from the characters.  You can also choose the 3D version of the chess boards.

  • Glowing chess boards

This chess board has been designed with a soft translucent glow that light up the chess board patterns. Most of these boards have been designed with glass so that the light can penetrate.

  • F1 chess board

Most of these boards have been created with a carbon material. The chess pieces have been made with actual F1 car part. There are different materials that have been used to make the pieces that you can choose from.

  • Tesla inspired chess set

This chess board has been inspired by Nikola Tesla. The chess pieces have been designed with the Tesla spooky pieces that have been enclosed by a glass. You can choose any of material including; wood, glass or electrical components. Each of the different pieces will light up when you place them on the board spaces.

3 rookie mistakes most chess players make

Chess is a game of strategy and if you want to win the game, you need to have a good working strategy that you are going to us. IF you haven’t read our previous article, that’s a good starting point. Check it out here before you go and read the rest of this article.

As easy as playing chess can be, you need to be careful to avoid making mistakes. Remember that one simple mistake can cause you to lose the game.
Below are three mistakes that you need to avoid;

Common mistake #1: Not understanding the rules of the game

You know, it may seem easy moving the pieces across the board. But, if you don’t understand the rules and the pieces of the game, you will lose. The pieces have been designed differently.

 King; this is one of the most important piece of the set. The only problem is that it is the weakest piece in the set. With the king, you can only move it one square at a time in a any direction. It is easy for the king to be captured by your opponent if you leave it exposed.

 Queen; this is the most powerful piece of the set. With the queen, you can move straight in any direction whether backward, sideways, forward or diagonally.

 Rook; this is the one piece that can move as far as you want. You can however move it forward, backward or sideways. You need to use the pieces together so that they can protect each other.

 The knight; these pieces move differently from all the other pieces. The knights are also the only pieces that can move over other pieces.

 The bishop; this piece can move as far as you want it to but only diagonally.

 Pawns; they move forward but they capture diagonally.

 Not having control over the center game

Common Mistake 2: Not developing your pieces

The middle game is the most important section of the game and you need to gain the control if you want to win the game. It is important for you to have the higher number of chess pieces on the board to have the control of the middle game.

It is important for you to develop your pieces. This will build your defense and attack strategy.

Mistake 3: Not protecting the king

One of the mistakes that beginners make is to play too fast and expose their king. You need to employ the castling strategy to protect your king from being captured. When you leave your king unprotected, you are just planning to lose.

The new chess blog: How to play the best chess of your life

Chess is an interesting game that is played by two people. For you to win at this game you need to have a strategy. That is the only way that you can succeed in this game.

Have a strategy

 When you want to succeed in this game, you need to make the first move. This way you will open the pathways and get the pawns in the center.
 Develop each piece by moving it one a time. Moving the pieces will either strengthen your defense or aid in your attack.
 The aim of the game is to protect your king. So the best strategy is to safeguard your king by castling.
The tips
 Before you start, you need to understand the basics of the game. For example; pawns move straight and you can only use them to attack at an angle one step at a time. A rook on the other hand can move forward in a straight line but has the ability to move backwards too.
The queen is the most powerful tool that you have and you need to make use of it. It can move any straight direction. The king is an important piece but one of the weakest pieces that you have. The King can only move one square in any direction. The reason why it is weak is because it can be captured easily if you leave it exposed
 When you begin the game, you need to start with a pawn. Make a move in front of the king and queen. Keep in mind that it is only during the first hand are you allowed to move the pawns two steps forward.
 Be careful when you are playing with the kings and queens. You need to move the move the knights and the bishops to the center. The idea here is to move the knights and bishop behind the pawns so that they can aid in your attack.
 You should not give your pieces away. You need to be careful not to lose the pieces carelessly. Each and every piece is important and you can’t win the game without these pieces.
 You need to always control the center game. This is the most important section as this is where most of the activity is. If you control the middle game you will have more room to move your pieces.

Chess Strategy:

If you need a quick refresher via video format, here it is:

Keep in mind that you have to practice constantly and that it’s going to take time to improve. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time right away. Anyway, we have a ton of good posts for you and educational tools to improve your chess game.